Spanish fashion brands

In this article we will review the advantages of buying Spanish clothing brands.

As a consequence of the Coronavirus, unemployment in Spain has registered rates of 16'2%, which has put thousands of Spanish families in dire need. According to the estimates of the consulting firms EY and The Boston Consulting Group: the industry will decline between 35% and 40% this year in Spain due to the virulence of the pandemic, an ax between 5 and 10 points higher than in the rest of the world, given its dependence on tourism and the greater impact of covid-19. At this difficult time for so many people, we believe that it is vitally important to help Spanish companies as much as we can, with which we will be directly creating jobs in our country. 

Here we leave you a list of Spanish fashion companies with very elaborate designs and that, in addition, are committed to sustainable fashion. All of them can be purchased on the website of lacontra (a small Spanish business located in the Ruzafa neighborhood, Valencia).


  • Canussa: This brand manufactures 100% vegan fashion bags and accessories. The products are 100% manufactured in Spain, creating jobs directly in our country. In addition, its sales channel are small stores that are committed to a sustainable fashion model. You can find their products here.
  • Rita Row: This is a Barcelona brand with a marked Mediterranean style, which stands out for the quality and care in the manufacture of its products. Rita Row manufactures locally, helping small producers in the area. The brand offers a new generation of quality garments for women seeking distinctive garments. You can find their products here.
  • Maians: This is a footwear brand that was born in La Barceloneta, inspired by the neighborhood and whose production is 100% handmade in Spain. Made in La Rioja, its products are characterized by combining artisan detail with urban style. You can find their products here.
  • Edmmond: We traveled to the capital of Spain to introduce you to the well-known Madrid brand. Edmmond seeks to find the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, comfort and simplicity, elegance and tranquility. You can find the products of this successful brand here.
  • Indi & Cold. The San Sebastián brand Indi & Cold borrows the nostalgic heritage of the classic 'British Country Living'. The quintessential British in traditional fabrics and tweeds, which are mixed with warm and comfortable yarns. You can find their products here.
  • Thinking MU. Becoming a reference brand in sustainable fashion is not just positioning, it is an attitude. From lacontra we tell you that this Barcelona brand carries out these values in each of its actions. You can find their products here.
  • Brava Fabrics. Brava is a Barcelona brand committed to fair trade and transparency throughout its supply chain. That is why they design and produce each of the pieces in their Spain and Portugal collections. You can find their designs (we assure you that many will make you smile) here.
  • The Nude Label is a basic underwear brand. Simple and comfortable garments for day to day. They promote the idea of another kind of beauty. A more natural and authentic beauty. Created and manufactured with organic cotton and ethically in Valencia. You can find their products here.